⬙ Synthetic Traffic
Simulate real user behavior on your staging environment*
* we operate bots that behave just like real users of your product
Lively staging environments
Make your dormant staging environment feel as active as your production environment.
Beyond unit testing
Unit tests are obtuse for modern products. “Real” traffic is the best way to discover unforeseeable issues.
Customize your traffic
Your pool of beta testers doesn’t need to be limited by how many friends you have. Create realistic traffic of any shape or size.
Real-time and interactive
Let your bots use your product all by themselves, or alongside your pool of human beta testers.
Bot-generated content
Bots create user-generated content, populating your database with useful artifacts. Test your migrations as you test your code.
Continuously evolving data
Test your infrastructure, analytics, and algorithms which are tedious or impossible to test without user activity.
Super easy setup
Synthetic Traffic learns the shape of your API, defining all potential paths.
Your bots learn how to mimic the way your users behave.
Customize your desired traffic patterns and start simulating.
Discover all the ways Synthetic Traffic can improve your building process.
  • 1 project
  • 100 bots
  • 2 hour execution time per month
Integrate Synthetic Traffic into your product development workflow.
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  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited bots
  • Unlimited usage
  • Traffic analytics
  • Behavior introspection
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